Bad Test Results

Dear CIS dev team,
Please check this out. (
I know this is very poor translation. I hope you can understand some of it.
It 's basically saying that CIS did poorly on the tests and needs a lot of improvement.
This guy mentioned that he has some video clips of the tests that he meant to post but decided not to because of the poor test results. If you are interested in the tests, you might as well contact him.

CAVS needs improvements and Comodo knows that more than us.

We need to help Comodo on CAVS growing. We need to wait for more comprehensive antivirus tests (like AV-Comparatives or to evaluate CAVS detection rate.

It’s important to know that Comodo first layer of security is prevention. In this point of view Comodo is brilliant!

Everyone knows CAVS definitions aren’t the greatest but using the firewall and defense+ properly you should stay clean anyway.

I’m perfectly fine with CAVS, and I think it does great with CIS.