bad review Comodo firewall pro

Hi there,

I came across this review of the comodo firewall:

A few months ago, I switched to comodo firewall after reading some reviews. The last few months this program worked perfectly on my computer. But after reading this review I wonder how well this firewall protects my system.

The conclusion of the review:

"The implementation of the security design is very superficial. Today’s malware creators would not have problems to bypass the protection of Comodo. The development of this firewall probably missed independent betatesting of its security features because the number and the nature of bugs we have found in it is alarming. This is why we can not recommend Comodo Personal Firewall as a personal firewall solution to anyone who require the real protection against today’s malware. "

Will comodo firewall pro 3 offer better sulotions??

Hi 2tigers, welcome to the forums.

That Matousec review is of an old version of CFP, I think you should check what Matousec thinks of before asking if CFP 3 will do better. CFP already did better. :slight_smile:

Just read that latest report and was amazed with the results, and very pleased that Comodo Firewall came out top of the survey.

Well done. (:CLP)

I actively promote Comodo Firewall now on my other Technical Forums.

Nice to know that thanks to Comodo the Internet can be a lot safer place.

Use BOClean as well, brilliant product.

And Comodo Firewall 3 will be even more powerful then 2.4 :slight_smile: