bad results to the leaktests


I said its a beta product, its just for information, with comodo leaktest O0 CIS 4 scored 200/340.

thanks for your work guys. :wink:

It will probably change.

certainly… ;D

How did you run CLT? In the sandbox, or did you allow it to run with elevated privileges?

I can get 340/340 in the sandbox, and configuration Proactive Security. Windows XP.

I was able to get 320/340 with an almost “out of the box” config. The only real change I made was to the “let explorer.exe do whatever the hell it wants to do” rule. Screen shot attached.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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I got 320/340 yesterday

tested out of the sandbox with elevated privilege.

For me a leak-test was testing out the sandbox…its my opinion :wink:

You can do that, if you disable the sandbox, or make CLT an Isolated application i D+ and a Blocked application i FW. :wink:

Tested again under admin on XP sp3, V4 proactive defaults and clt Isolated(D+)/blocked(Fw) run using right-click sandbox:

vulnerable 7. Invasion: PhysicalMemory
vulnerable 24. Impersonation: DDE

still no clue why I fail different tests… ???

BTW does anybody know why CLT trigger an elevation alert? It is neither an installer nor it got an elevation manifest. ???

EDIT: clt.exe manfest explicitly request admin privileges (requestedExecutionLevel: requireAdministrator)

The highest I can get is 320/340 in proactive mode running in sandbox.Out of sandbox 240

I get 340/340 without Sandbox. I used proactive settings, changed in D+ from Comodo Internet Security to Comodo Files/Folders, with all protection settings enabled. D+ is in safe mode; trusted apps and block unknown requests and create rules for safe apps is enabled.
I am using Vista x86 with all updates.

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