BAD Probelm chkdsk + comodo screep up my system , had to format

Have you looked at ? In spite of the strange title, it is a whole thread from people who are having chkdsk problems. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a solution there.

Ewww…a rather bitter post, though he went a little overboard trying to post the trial-version keys for OA.

Well, every security forum seems to have its own cliques, which can be to their detriment. But I think it borders on conflict of interest when an individual serves as a moderator for two forums, one of which (Wilders) used to be open to most security-related discussions, regardless of the software publisher.

Oh well, back on topic…

Yes I do use v3.0.14.

Here is at least one reason I avoided each subsequent version:
3.0.15 - posted fixes didn’t affect me
3.0.16 - bug with protection savings lost
3.0.17 - can’t import configs from older versions
3.0.18 - 3.0.21 - alert performance issue -;new

i will install or an old version or i will move chkdsk in another folder
but i hope comodo team will fix it soon

thanks i will install 3.0.14
hope i can import in comodo 3.0.14 the config made withe the last version

You’re welcome :).

I believe config file format changed since v3.0.14 and so you might not be able to use your existing rules with v3.0.14. But it’s a good idea anyway to save your present config, both to try to import into v3.0.14 and also to keep handy in case you wish to go back to v3.0.21 or whatever you’re using.

i can’t understand why comodo don’t fix this bug , seeing many users have this issue
and seeing that i have to use an old version to avoid this bug

So when Comodo fixes bugs, it then creates more bugs for you? LOL


strange comodo is 1000x better then online armor
can’t understand why the wilders users prefer online armor to comodo (L) too

Mantra…look at my reply. # 19…it says it all.

i did read the link
i will never install or pay for online armor , that’s all

Mantra…thats not the point for staying out of Wilders. Peter2150 who is a modder at Wilders is also a modder at OA.

Wilders is not just about OA and Comodo.


I know that. Its really an NOD32 forum.

Thanks for your reply.

It only runs as I described earlier. I live in my RV (Recreational Vehicle) fulltime and travel the US. Sometimes the quality of the electric in campgrounds is far less then Ideal and is prone to disappear at the most inopportune times.

I have not had this happen lately, if it does happen again am I looking at some sort of mega problem with the latest version of CFP?

download this old version v3.0.14.
it has not issue with chkdsk :smiley:

this bug has been fixed and will be available with the next update.
thank you for your patience and help everyone.


:■■■■ (:CLP) (L)

If you don’t have a UPS for your PC, I would make a mad dash to the nearest electronics/computer superstore and purchase one to protect your system. APC is a very good brand, but I prefer Liebert, which has been manufacturing them for 50+ years. It will be money well invested.


Congrats to the devs for finding and fixing this nasty bug :■■■■