after installing comodo firewall ,an connect to the internet windows 8 crashing down every time, im getting the blue screen… error “bad_pool_caller” so i uninstalled the firewall :frowning: some one help me please

Please put your bug report in the format provided in this post.

Also, be sure to attach all relevant attachments, such as the dump file from the BSOD.

Also, can you see if the problem replicates if you reinstall CIS by following the advice I give in this post?


As this may be due to a bad installation I will move this to the Install / Setup / Configuration Help - CIS section of the forum.

Please see if installing using the methods I suggest above solves your issues. If they persist even after reinstalling using those methods please send me a PM and I will move it back to the bug reporting board. However, if you do believe this is a bug which cannot be solved by reinstalling using the methods I suggest, be sure to edit your first post such that it has the correct information.

Thank you.