Bad memory leak on streaming sites, trickling up on the rest

This problem only started between 6-12 months ago. Before that, I never had the leak issue. I can’t recall about overall memory usage back then.

It’s guaranteed to happen on all Youtube pages and it seems any site that has streaming, even if I’m not streaming at the moment. I can have the streaming stopped or paused and it will still get up to 2 Gb’s on one tab over time. It would probably go higher but I’ve always closed the process and reloaded the tab by that time.

It does seem to happen on non streaming pages too, but much slower, but I always have my task manager open and I can easily see about half my pages at any one time continually ticking up.

Any ideas on this? I’m also curious what most people see for normal memory usage. Is it normal to have a lot of sites running between 100-200 Mb? I know part of this is the constant gradual uptick of memory on all pages, such that I end up with 10-20 pages between 150-200 Mb.

Sometimes I will try to manually kill a page and reload. Other times I kill processes, but it generally only lets me kill one process, because on the 2nd one, it crashes the entire browser. Anyway, once I have so many tabs out of control, I just have to restart the browser to reclaim my memory.

Thanks for any help.