bad IP addy until comodo uninstall [Resolved]

Hi all,

After installing Comodo my wireless reports it can’t connect. I can see it’s reporting signal strength, the correct wireless channel and everything, but the IP address is wrong (looks like a random number). Changing the firewall to allow all doesn’t appear to do anything, neither does exiting Comodo. Uninstall Comodo and restart fixes it without changing anything else. The problem is repeatable, I’ve installed, reset, uninstalled, reset about 6 times now with exactly the same result.

Tried changing rules, removing the “protocol analysis” in the advanced menus, no effect. What parts of Comodo are running after closing it? I figure that is where I’ll have to look to fix this one.

Some info:
CFP ver
broadband connection (ADSL 2+)
Win XP pro w/ service pack 2
Admin login
I have AVG free antivirus, Comodo BOClean installed. Also use Cisco VPN client regularly.
I’ve had ZoneAlarm on here at one time, but I’ve uninstalled, and manually removed at least 1 .dll file it left behind.
PCI wireless adapter to NetComm NB5plus4W. I’ve got MAC filtering on, 128-bit WEP

Think thats everything,

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, found a very old install of Sygate Personal Firewall. After removing that with windows add/remove program thing, Comodo works fine.

On a side note, nice work with the installer & uninstaller. I’ve tried them 7 times now, very smooth…

And where is the “I’m an idiot smiley” anyway?

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Issue self-resolved (:CLP). I like these threads the best ;D

That has yet to be implemented. In the meantime, 10 of these might equate to a substitution: :Beer

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