Bad detection rate antivirus?

I was just reading the latest AV-Comparatives test Comodo antivirus 8.4 of october 2016 Windows 10 and the detection of wide spreaded malware is 94,4 % while avera industry is 99,0%. I don’t believe this test when i scan with bitdefender or kaspersky or malwarebytes nothing has being found except malwarebytes found askbar bundle in an installation file and comodo doesn’t respond.

I see no any reason to change the antivirus or the firewall AV-Comparatives is for me an sort bad clown with colors. I have no any infection since i use Comodo so i am running Windows 10 and Comodo 10 and happy at all. I consider the pay version because Como has done great jobs on the fly and becomes better and better.

There are many posts on this forum about Comodo AV’s relatively poor detection rate. The official response from Comodo is that detection rate in NOT important, what really matters is PROTECTION rate. Most online and tech magazine tests only look at detection and therefore give Comodo a poor rating. The few tests that look at “Real World Protection” usually give Comodo a very good score.

Comodo’s protection is achieved by its “Default Deny” mechanism (lots of forum references to this too!). Basically, known “good” programs (on Comodo’s whitelist) are allowed ro run normally, known “bad” programs (on Comodo’s blacklist) are not allowed to run, and everything else (i.e. unknown programs) are run in a Sandbox (contained copy of the environment) so that they cannot cause any permanent harm.

Agree detection is not important, protection and preventing thats the way Comodo act. All those tests are wrong that is what i want to say they simply doesn’t understand how Comodo is working.

You can’t measure the speed of the plane in the same way you measure the speed of the car! :slight_smile:
The instruments used are different.

To measure CIS, like they do other products, testing organizations would require a whole new infrastructure. Investing in all that infrastructure just for one “Innovative” company is a big investment and they can only sell this service to one company, us. None of the other AV vendors would want to participate in it for obvious reasons :wink:

Although I am frustrated, I understand the lack of desire in investing in methods of testing just for one Innovative company! Although this would be doing an amazing service to users worldwide.