backups not working as advertised

I have been using for months and it worked great for user backups but the service backups didnt work. I have now got and am trying it out. Here is what happens.
User backups dont work (scheduled backups) at all.
Service backups only work if logged out of windows not if logged in.
Comodo backup is almost perfect - if only it would run user backups AND service backups. Here is what I think it should do - user backups and service backups should work when the user is logged in. Service backups should also work when no-one is logged in.
If only I could take the best of and all would be well.
I hope you are still working on this nice program.


Hey Chris,

comodo Backup is definitely still in the development stream. They have the next two upgrades mapped out with a third revision being planned. The next update will, according to the developers, fix the scheduled backup issue.

Stay tuned. Its release will be announced on the Backup forums.

Ewen :slight_smile: