Backups fail because Comodo tampers with filestamps


Since the last update of Comodo I have the problem that all my incremental backups fail. All programs just copy some files from left to right and back from right to left although nothing has changed on these files.

I tracked down the problem to the modification date. I use the modification date for my incremental backups because I need to backup ~3TB data, so I cannot backup based on file content.
The problem occurs on .EXE, .BAT and .JS files (and probably more). I can reproduce the problem with the Windows Explorer, as you can see in the Screenshots:

I reproduced the problem on two Win7 machines with Comodo installed (Quitting Comodo did not help). It did NOT occur on two computers without Comodo. If you copied the EXE once, then delete it and then copy it again, the timestamp will be correct!
My System:

Win7 x64
Only Firewall turned on (Defence+ turned off)

Can anybody reproduce this problem or knows any solution besides uninstalling Comodo / reinstalling Windows?

kind regards

Sounds like a problem caused by this reported bug. Please add your comments there, so the developers will see it.
I don’t know how it works, but maybe if more people report this problem they might realise how bad it is, and fix it faster. :slight_smile:

You are right, it is caused by the Alternate Data Streams “Feature”. Thank you very much for that hint. Comodo added it’s ADS to all of my files. I am wondering why they even add ADS data to my files at all. I will confirm the bug by adding a post to the bug thread. Uninstalling Comodo fixed the problem on one PC, so I might completely switch back to the Windows Firewall.

Or switch back to CIS v7 which does not have the ADS problem/feature.