For backup reasons (and configuration of other machines), I would like to know which CIS7 files (or registry keys) contain the configuration settings and where they are located.


Hi wquatan,
You can export your configuration to a file for reuse or safe keeping.
Importing/Exporting and Managing Personal Configurations
Note: You need to activate an imported file for it to be used.

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately that’s not exactly what I’m looking after.

  • What’s described are manual actions. I would like to automate it so the file gets a backup daily (eventually the registry bits exported daily too)
  • Re-importing the exported settings are added in the Configurations, I want to replace the original ones

No way to do it from outside Comodo CIS, because that’s what I really need ?

Hi wquatan,
Sorry for the misunderstanding with the original question.
I am not sure what you are asking is possible, if it is possible it is beyond my knowledge.

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Can’t imagine it ain’t possible !
CIS must store it’s settings somewhere, either in a file, either in the registry


You can export them, but import might be a problem as CIS protects these keys.

Edit For Trusted Vendors etc. these are in C:/Program Data/Comodo


Ok for the registry part.

But could you provide some file-names out of :

To be 100% sure I’m picking the correct stuff.;msg746841#msg746841

Thanks L.A.R. Grizzly

For completeness in this topic, I just cloned a machine by

  • installing the CIS
  • before reboot, importing the registry settings created with

You’re welcome. Glad you got it sorted out.