Backup .zip file when compression enabled is never created

Decided to trial Comodo Backup. I am not interested in saving a clone based on a logical file backup. I do want to save logical file backups for later restores. I want compression enabled to minimalize the disk space consumption (i.e., I’m not making an imperfect clone by not using compression and just simply copying the files to a destination). With compression enabled, a .zip file is supposed to get produced that contains the filecopy backup. Nope, after an hour to complete the backup, no such .zip file is found. Nothing of the backup is found. So basically the program wasted an hour to do a backup but didn’t bother to actually save any of the files in a backup file.

I can see this would be normal for the test mode to verify the setup of a backup but when I do a real backup then I should really get a backup file from which I can restore. When I go under the Help → License Status, it says the product has already been registered. Seems odd because I was trying to figure out how to install the registration key that got mailed to me. I never found a menu to do that registration, and the Help menu says it is already registered. Why would Comodo bother to e-mail me a registration key for a downloaded install that is already registered?

I have tried several backups and each spends the time to pretend it is doing the backup but the result is that no backup file got created.