Backup vs. Norton Save & Restore, Ghost, Acronis True Image

Need to choose one today. Any input on one being easier/better? XP Pro operating system backing up to an external HD via Sata/esata).


The difference between Norton Save and Restore 2 and Norton Ghost 12 is very small. Norton Ghost 12 is apparently for the more “Technically inclined” people. Norton Ghost 12 has a couple more features than Save and Restore.

Acronis has a terrible license in my opinion (Read the license, I think it is bad but it may not bother you).

I have not tried any of them, but I guess they should all work ;D .

I ultimate source on everything Ghost in my opinion is:

Rotty now I’m curious, could you tell us what’s wrong with Acronis license? :lol:

Chamlin, I didn’t try Comodo Backup yet, but if you want other alternatives, I suggest Genie Backup Manager (paid, and an excellent solution) and Cobian (free and almost as good as Genie).

Below is MY interpretation of the agreement, I may be wrong and you should obtain your own legal advice.

“The license is to the original purchaser only, and is not transferable without prior written permission from Acronis.”

Ok that is incredibly silly, but not the end of the world.

“Providing or permitting use of by, or transferring the software to, third parties”


“Providing use of the software in a computer service business, network, timesharing or multiple- user arrangement to users who are not individually licensed by Acronis”

Well that is kinda interesting, what if you have a shared computer that has TI installed on it. You have just broken that part of the EULA. That is just plain insane for most reasons a user would want to use the software. Say, I have a couple of kids that use the computer, I would have to buy 3 copies of the software (One for me to admin the computer, and one for each kid) (What you classify as “using” the software seems to be rather open)!!!.

Lets assume that the main person (Owner of TI product) that ‘fixes’ the computer is away from home, and the wife or kid need to re-image the computer, they have just broken the license. Of course, opening the program might mean that the EULA is broken.

Although it is not uncommon in some areas of software for the software to be either locked in to the user or computer, for this type of software(And target audience) the above components border on insanity.

Although I have not really been a fan of Symantec, Symantec have a much for “Logical” agreement for the type of software(And target audience) they are selling.

I know a lot of readers of this post will be saying “Don’t worry about little things like that, they will only go after people obviously breaking the EULA” well I say to that - “You are most likely correct, but I am trying to do the right thing”.

Although Acronis have a good product, their legal department has lost its mind.

This is why I will not touch Acronis product(s) with a 10-foot pole.

Interesting :-\

Anyway I found a comparison site with some other options

After reading a review praising Acronis, my brother used it for backup. Unfortunately, Acronis couldn’t read and restore the images created by their own software :o. After that, I wouldn’t ever dare to use any of their products.