Backup v1.0.2.0- No "Start with Windows" option

I am using Backup v1.0.2.0 set to sync. It catches all of the new changes in the files/folders that I have it set to watch. No complaints with any of that.

I notice that the earlier version of backup gave the choice in settings to “Start with Windows”, but that box is not available in to select. So all goes well as long as I remember to manually start Comodo Backup each time I start the computer.

Also, the earlier version installed in “Launch Pad”. I uninstalled the earlier version of “Backup” and Launch Pad is gone (not a bad thing), but when I installed Backup, it installed as a standalone and Launch Pad is still gone. Do I need to install Launch Pad for Backup to start with Windows? I agree with other posters that Launch Pad should contain all Comodo apps, but I like Backup so much that I would install LP again just to have Backup run at Startup.


It would seem to me that “start with windows” is not needed since Comodo Backup runs as a service.


The backup service DOES start with Windows, but only one part of it: CmdBkSvc.exe.
The process that does the synchronized saving of changes (CmdBackUp.exe) does not start until I manually open the Comodo Backup window and then minimize it to the tray.
Any changes I make to my “watched” files do not get backed up until I have actually opened Backup. Changes that I made before opening it and minimizing it to the tray have to be made all over again to be saved.

I am still very pleased to have the use of this program. I just need to remember to open it before I make any changes that need backing up…