Backup types and leaving application turned off

I just installed Comodo Backup version I have successfully scheduled a couple of backup jobs and have created backups, using the User Backup type. I have read the User Guide .pdf and can’t find the answers to my questions.

What I would like to do is leave the application turned off and just have it turn on to run the jobs, then turn itself off. Is this possible? Or maybe just have it turn on for the job and then stay on until I turn it off?

And what is the Service Backup type used for?

I have lots of experimenting to do, and lots more reading to do, but so far the software looks great and I am glad I have installed it. Thanks for providing it!!

Hi fracTure

Welcome to Comodo Backup

If you use the service backup you do not have to have Backup running to run your scheduled backup. It installs and starts a service called ComodoBackupService. This is what is running all the time in the background. You will not see it or even know it is running unless you check out what services are running. Make sure that you check the box on your backup that says “Active backup”.

If you have any more questions that is why we are here.


It’s not working for me. I kind of anticipated that Service Backup type was what I needed to be using to accomplish what I want to do, and when it didn’t work, I posted here asking these questions. I tried again and it’s a no-go… the jobs do not run. I can confirm that CmdBkSvc.exe is running (see it in task manager as well as in Services). The only way I have been able to create backups so far is when I leave the application running and use backup type: User Backup. :frowning:

Thanks for your reply, by the way. :-TU


You also need to make sure that you have the windows task scheduler installed and operational. Your backups will not run if it is not.


I checked Services and Task Scheduler is started. Do I have to also schedule the Comodo Backup job in Task Scheduler?
→ Edit: I am messing around with Task Scheduler, trying to figure out the error message (I am right now looking at username and password issues). I’ll check in for any replies you may have, and if I come up with the answer I’ll post it.) So far no joy. Task Scheduler starts the application but the job does not run.
→ I had another thought… will Comodo BackUp overwrite an older file? I mean, it should, right? It’s not seeing the old backup file in the destination and refusing to create a new one, is it?

Hello again fracTure

No you do not have to schedule the Windows Task Scheduler but it does need the password and username in order to work.

Comodo Backup should overwrite if the file is updated. It will also create the file if you have the “create file” checkbox checked.

Play around some more with it and you will probably get is going ok


Thanks for the on-going replies, John.

The only way I have been able to get CB to work is via the User Backup mode. The Service Backup mode is not working for me.

Since my goal was to only have CB turn on for the back up jobs, I wasn’t able to use the User Backup type because the application has to be running in order for that to work. So I found a way to compromise…

I turn on the application with Task Scheduler, then CB, in User Backup mode, runs the two jobs. This works, the jobs run, and CB stays on. I will schedule the jobs for very early in the morning just before I usually get up, so that I can sit down at the computer in the morning and click the CB icon in the systray and turn it off.

I know this is a workaround, but I don’t know how to get CB to work for me in Service Backup mode.

Any further suggestions are welcome, for sure, but don’t put yourself out too much trying to solve this for me.

→ Edit: I found an MS Knowledge Base article pertaining to the error code I was getting, but I’m not too keen on installing the hotfix they provide. Plus the date on the article makes me think the problem must have been addressed since then via MS Critical Updates. Sigh. One thing always leads to another with computers, doesn’t it?