Backup trusted files on CIS7

Is it possible to backup trusted files on CIS7? I can’t find the file were it was saved on CIS6.

There are 7 files which contain the TFL and the TVL (among other stuff). You have to copy over all 7 files (they have to be kept together). If you just copy over a couple files, the CIS installation gets corrupted. They are in .sqlite formats. The files are:


In Win7, they are located here:

C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Firewall Pro\

I just updated 2 of my other computers. I copied over the 7 TFL-TVL files and everything worked out fine. The new CIS installation recognized the copied files and my TFL was populated as a clone of the previous machine. After copying the files, I ran the diagnostics in CIS and it reported that no problems were found. I think this method of saving/restoring the TFL is viable.

Vote for this “bug” if you would like the ability to import/export the TFL:

link to bug tracker removed by moderator. Eric

Thanks for the information

You’re welcome. Be aware that those files also include your logs and other things, so if you copy them over to restore your TFL, you will also be overwriting your other information. If you want to see what the files contain, you can use this free viewer (it runs as a stand-alone file, no installation necessary):


Thanks for this information L.A.R. Grizzly, well done. :-TU

The bug tracker is only accessible for Star Group members, staff and mods. Those who like to vote there vote for bug/issue/wish 917.

On my WinXP SP3 system:

I:\Documents and Settings[u]All Users.WINDOWS[/u]\Application Data\Comodo\Firewall Pro