Backup To NAS

I just installed the CB application and trying to use the wizard to set-up my first back-up. All I want to do is backup my C drive to a folder on my NAS (DNS-321).

  • I have drives mapped on the NAS, but they do not appear under “My Computer” in CB.
  • I am able to view and select the destination folder as the backup path under the network option in the wizard, but when I click on “next” I receive the error message “Invalid Path”

I have Win 7 64 bit installed. I am able to navigate to the NAS folders and work in them outside of Comodo. I have also added Comodo to my firewall program with full access.

Any advice appreciated.


I uninstalled and then installed FBackup and it worked fine with my NAS… Not sure if it is as feature-rich as Comodo, but at least it works for me. This is one program that should not be fussy to use, and backing up to NAS should not be problematic.


The problem might be caused by User Account Control.
If it is enabled then network drives might not be visible under “My Computer” in CB.
You can verify this with any program that runs as administrator.
The programs that run with high privileges can’t view the mapped network drives.