Backup to NAS not working

I’m trying to backup my Windows 7 PC to my Iomega NAS. I can navigate to the NAS through the Comodo GUI but when I try to select “NEXT” after specifying the location, it returns “Invalid path. Please provide a valid path for backup.” This is the path generated by the GUI: \IOMEGA-0A6791\backups\

Any ideas?

When I try to use the Windows7 gui to setup the backup it doesn’t see the NAS on the network, which is what brought me to Comodo in the first place.

Thanks in advance.


Please try to type a name.
Ex: \IOMEGA-0A6791\backups\Name

Haha, thanks. I had created a file and was navigating to that file instead of making a new one through the gui.

It’ll work when I restart.

…Kinda annoying that I need to make a new file through the Comodo system rather than just being able to select a location. Maybe that can be put in “wishes”?