Backup to Multiple External Drives


I am currently in the process of implementing Comodo Backup on an SBS 2003 server. Our preferred method of backup is to have a full system state backup completed to an external RAID unit connected by eSATA and then a scheduled backup of that external RAID (in this case completed by Comodo Backup) is completed overnight to a USB external drive. As the external drive is intended for use as offsite backup I want to be able to use 3 USB external drives in rotation so that at any given time there are two full backups available.

Can Comodo distinguish between these three identical drives and complete an incremental backup from when the drive was last connected? (i.e. the incremental backup will not have run on any given disk for 72 hours, but will have been run on the other disks).

Any help would be massively appreciated!


I suggest you define 3 separate jobs.
Each job should be incremental type with different names.


Thanks for the reply!

Would you suggest that the three drives have different drive letters defined or is Comodo Backup capable of distinguishing between them?

CB doesn’t distinguish between drive letters, but if the rotation is done automatically every day there shouldn’t be any problem.

Or… Having different drive letters for each drive would make sure that if the proper drive is not connected then an error will be returned.