Backup to multiple CD's


Yesterday I’ve tried to backup my photo’s to CD. Since it’s much more then fits on a single CD I hoped Comodo would write automatically to multiple CD’s. Is that possible and how to do it?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, I posted it wrong I thought I was in the “Help”-forum. (:SAD)

When you define a backup job, on the OPTIONS tab, there is the option to split files (only for removable media). I’ll run a test on this by backing up 750MB+ to CD-R and report back here.

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Hey Santtu,

Hmmmm?? I really expected it to pre-calculate how much would fit onto the current CD, burn those files and then prompt for a second CD. But … it failed with a “Media Seek” error.

Can you please lodge a support ticket on this at you will need to register there - your forum credentials will not work on the support centre.

I’ll send a few ■■■ as well.

Thanks for finding this - Comodo Backup is a great application but it can be better. If we can find the rough edges and the Comodo code monkeys can polish them off, it’ll be a really great backup app for most users (and still the only one I know of that can write a backup job as a session to a CD-R, as opposed to a CD-RW).

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I’ve made a ticket. I wonder what the answer will be. It seems to me that writing to multiple CD’s in kinda logical for a backup-tool.

Gotta agree. I’ve PM’d the lead developer on this.

and now we wait …

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No answer yet… :THNK

Any further info on this issue? I was just about to install the software, in order to backup all my Photo’s to DVDs. I have around 70gb, so it will need to span multiple DVDs. Does it not work yet?

I’ll give the developer a ** BUMP **

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Reason: Out-Dated post.


Well, given the many times this topic has been read, it seems that’s something people is looking for.
The inability to backup to multiple CD/DVD is what prevented me to use Comodo Backup so far.

Any news about that? Do latest versions handle multiple CD/DVDs backups?
Is it really an out-dated story?..

Yours, Eric

I’ll get in touch with the lead developer again and post any relevant info back here.

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