Backup to FTP server?

I can’t for the life of me, figure this one out. I have a connection to my FTP server succeed, but it is NOT upolading the files on the server…




Maybe I should ask again…

Is this backup program able to backup ALL my “My Documents” folder to my ftp Online Storage from Comcast?

If I sign up for Trust Fax, which I will anyway, will I be able to store this folder and Sync there? (Trust Fax gives you xxx space for online storage?


We have fixed few issues where files could not be uploaded to FTP.
Please try our latest version, mentioned in following link:,1840.0.html
and let us know if you still see any issue with it.

Here’s a question to which I cannot find the answer: is the backup that’s FTP’d encrypted or is the only thing that you can opt to do password protect the file?

If it’s not encrypted this would be a great feature in my opinion.

If it’s not sftp, then it’s not encrypted.

The Help file doesn’t show any results when searching for “encrypted”. Not a good sign.

So now I’d have to create the backup locally, encrypt that file, and then FTP it.