Backup to DVD-RW


I recently installed Comodo Backup and it seems to be working well, although while testing, I did encounter the following problem.

My computer has one CD-ROM drive (read only) and one DVD-RW device (F & G) respectively. In the Comodo scheduled backup “destination” tab, both devices are listed, even though F drive is not a writable device. As I did my testing, F drive was the default destination device. If I failed to change it to G drive, the backup failed, of course. I tried to change the drive letters, but the CD-ROM still was the default. Do I have to switch the master/slave jumpers to get this program to default to the correct device?

Thanks for your help?

Never mind. I fixed it myself. Works well.

I was testing numerous utilities, (also True Image, Genie Backup, etc.) and encountered the very same problem with Comodo Backup, hehe :slight_smile: Funny:) Though I was too lazy to deal with it and decided to do my backup to dvd with something else like Handy Backup. Still (B) (B) (B)