Backup to DVD doesn't take into account previous session


I installed the latest version of your comodo backup ( I tried to setup an incremental backup job which should add new and updated files/directories and delete obsolete files in the destiation (folder).
Destination is a DVD writeable device and I set the following options:
. Backup mode - Copy with deleting other than source files
. Backup type - User
. erase disc before backup (unchecked)
. file create mode: incremental

I ran a backup twice and noticed that - even if seems as if previous session is being imported - the data is written twice on disc (space on disc is double of backup). Is this a known problem, a configuration issue or a well defined behaviour?

Hi CarlosCastaneda

I have never been able to get the DVD backup to work properly either. Maybe someone who has had some success with it will help us out here.


Hi Jasper,

thanks for your answer. But that’s quite strange: I opened an email ticket for that issue and the support guy refered me to the forum “Please do refer our forum support link for known issues…

I think it’s still a bug in the software because there is not much left to configure. So I hope that someone (particularly a guy from comodo) will check for this and provide a fix .