Backup to CD-R as opposed to CD-RW!!!! AMAZING!


In the backup wishlist I wrote
“2. Write a backup as a session to a CD-R (DVD-R/+R), as opposed to file writing to a CD-RW (DVD-RW). This would save the user having to always have a formatted CD-RW (DVD-RW) handy and would lower the total running costs of the app.”

Out of curiousity I decided to see what would happen if I stuck a CD-R in the drive and attempted a backup to it. The backup started and the lights did what lights do and then the job finished. I ejected the disk and reinserted it and up popped a window showing the files I’d selected to do a backup of.

EVERY other CD backup application I know of will only work with CD-RW, other than those that write a proprietary file structure.

This is AMAZING! Given the lower cost of CD-R, as opposed to CD-RW, and the convenience of not having to format or erase disks, these facts make Comodo Backup a far more valuable tool for a far greater range of users!

This fact should be pushed in the marketing of the app!

Ewen :slight_smile:


I didn’t realize that writing to CD-R’s was a feature that was hard to find. I will mention that when telling my friends about it.

Hey Justin,

They just about all do CD-RW using UDF packet writing mode, but Comodo is the only backup app I’ve ever found that can write a datamass as a CD-R session. Tres cool!

ewen :slight_smile:


I think it really shows how much effort Comodo is putting into their products.

Nice to hear that backup to CD-R works. Just need to know whether it makes more sessions automatically, and detects and recovers unsufficient space problem?

It will add additional sessions, but I don’t know about the insufficient space issue. I do know that it won’t yet span across multiple CDs if compression is enabled.

ewen :slight_smile:

How do you make it write multiple sessions on CD-R. I am getting a status ‘Complete With Errors’ from the 2nd scheduled backup onwards.



That is truly wonderful considering the fact that I have about 400,000 CD-R’s (OK so I am exaggerating a little) and a whopping total of 2 CD-RW’s.

Great thing to know, Well Done COMODO


I use DVD-RAM drives… like swappable 4GB HD’s :wink:

Having made numerous backups to CD-R and CD-RWs, a single back up by Genie Backup Manager and another single backup to cd by Handy Backup (I’ve given links there it you’d like to see the respective features) I decided that you guys rock forever. Keep on the good job! :slight_smile: