Backup stuck at 'checking backup size'


I’ve been using Comodo Backup for some months in two of my home computer networks with total success. Thnx!!!

However, I just reinstalled one of them (Windows XP) and also reinstalled Comodo. Everything seems to work except that, when I run a backup, the system says ‘checking backup size’ and stays there forever. The application is not hang as I can edit backups, add or delete them, but does nothing when told to run a backup.

Could you please help? Thnkx again,

PS: I realize it is the same issue described here: but I couldn’t find an answer.

Hi badgandalf

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This has been a hard problem to try to overcome. Do you have any unusual characters in your backup folders? Does it always stop on the same folder? Check the logs in the Comodo Backup folder CmdBkpSvc.log.


Thnx for the reply. No unnusual things that I’m aware of. The backup does not even start. It simply goes to calculate the backup size and that’s it. I’ve tried with different directories to backup and the result is always the same.