Backup software with firewall question

I use Syncback SE to back up files on my small network and since I installed the firewall my nightly back ups don’t work properly. I tracked the problem to Comodo Firewall asking for permission to allow Syncback to create a new folder. When I manually ran the backup and gave permission everything was fine. I added Syncback to my Safe Files list. My question is was that the correct way to handle this and also, if I create new folders on my pc will it fail again or does putting it in the safe files list take care of that?


No. See my append here. You need to change the access rights for the SyncBack application rule located in the D+ Computer Security Policy to allow Protected Files/Folders.

If you do not find a rule for the syncback exe, then you need to tick the remember check-box the next time you get an alert running syncback.


Thanks Adric. I got it set as per the info at the linked topic.