BAckup shared folders

New user today.

2 questions.

  1. We have a network folder that a group of people share. They want to have a copy of that shared network folder duplicated on each laptop so when they go on the road they all have the most current information to work with.

Should they be setup as a Backup simple copy to copy the network folder to thier laptops or use the sync mode ?

  1. When the above group is on the road they may be working on the same file but different parts of it - Example an excel file and each is updating a different tab of data.

When they get back to the office what is the best way to not overwrite all of thier changes if each syncs back the same files ?


Mike Bowman
USA Gymnastics

Hi mbowman

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I have not come up against this before so my suggestions may have to be tested out. I think that on the road the group could each use the sync mode to update as they enter data. When they get back to the office the simple copy incremental backup may work the best. I would suggest doing some non-critical tests to see what works best in your situation.


To answer your first question a simple copy would start each one out the same. J