Backup settings

I tried searching this forum before I asked this with no luck so here goes:
Is there anyway to backup my settings for the current installed firewall before installing new updates? Will a system restore point roll Comodo back to the previous version if I don’t like the new one? The reason I ask is that upon several ‘upgrades’ in the past, I had to go thru the whole tedious process of answering all the same questions again and again. It seems that this program should be able to scan all the installed applications and tag them as safe without bugging you for each and every one. Can someone please point me to a simple ‘set it and forget it’ tutorial without having to wade thru pages of technical mumbo jumbo? Thanks for your help.

IF you right click the Comodo icon in the task bar you can go to configurations then manage my configurations. You can then export you config. Upgrade then import it again to keep your settings. I dunno if your can do this from version 3 to 4 though.