Backup service missing?

From some other posts on this forum I understand Comodo can run backups from a special service, so that you don’t have to be logged on for backups to run. I also understand I would have to be able to select if a scheduled backup occurs in user mode or service mode. However I cannot find there options in my Comodo application. I’m using Comodo Backup version 2.0.108800.9 under Windows 7 RTM.

Hi stingray

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Version 1 had the user mode or service mode. This is not available on version 2.

For the other question I refer you to a quote from Emanuel Sescu


Thanx for your reply, JJasper!

Being only able to run backups when logged on is just plain stupid. I guess then I’ll have to look for a different backup application. I heard Comodo was very good, but i guess it’s just a toy…


We will take into consideration performing backups without the user logged on, for the next release.

Thank you