Backup scripts disapear when Backup installed

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How do I save my backup sets before I upgrade?
I have many of them and have put much effort into setting them up.

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Backup sets are saved in the registry.
In Windows XP I export the registry key by running the following two commands:
reg export “HKCU\Software\Comodo\Comodo BackUp\Backup” “C:\UserBackUpSet.reg”
reg export “HKLM\Software\Comodo\Comodo BackUp\Backup” “C:\ServiceBackUpSet.reg”

Then in a text editor I globally changed: \Comodo\ to \ComodoGroup\ in the newly created .reg files because Backup v1.0.1.10 stores backup sets in
HK–\Software\ComodoGroup\Comodo BackUp\Backup

After installing the new version, run the two .reg files that were saved on your C drive and were edited above:

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