Backup Scheduling Options not working


Can select any run method instead “Autoclick Finish…”, if I select Run as service or Silent Mode when I hit Save Schedule, I can see that the option automatically changed to Autoclick Finish… again befode screen change, then create a new profile and when I edit this new profile I can see that Autoclick Finish is selected.

I’ve tried in several machines with w8.1, w7 and w8 with the sames problems.

Can anyone help me please.

Thanks in advance

Anyone with this problem can help me please ?

Please HELP !!!

I have had luck in creating a .BAT file containing the execute command with a /SCRIPT
The /Script has /SilentRun in it
The task is scheduled using the Windows Task Scheduler

My .BAT file can check the return code from Comodo Backup and take appropriate action.

The computer may be locked, it does not matter which user is signed on because through Task Scheduler the backup runs as me, and with “Run with Highest Privileges”.

Please share your successes, as well as your failures, in the Forum - Tell us how you are doing. This isn’t a company Forum, but a User forum. We have to help each other. Thanks

Ernest (not an employee, not a volunteer, just a user)


I'll try it soon again and post the results off course.  :)

I hope we can solve this problems.