Backup Scheduler option combinations

What i want to know is if the backup on days, start at a specific time & every ‘n’ hours can be used together.

Basically what i want to do is mon-sun start backup(incrimental) at 8:00am and then run a backup (incrimental) every 2 hours, (full backups once a week at 3:00 am Sunday).

I could obviously setup 8 individual backups (8:00 > 22:00) but having 8 systems on my home network means a lot of parameters {am i just lazy??}

I use several of the COMODO products and am amazed at the quality for ‘freebees’

Keep up the amazingly good work (V)

Hi delsley

I don’t know of any other way to run incremental and full backups from the same setup, than to have separate backups for them. I know that it is a lot of backups to set up but once it is done it is done. I have Comodo backup set and just forget about it. It does it’s job faithfully time after time and day after day.

This would be a good suggestion for the Backup wishlist.