Backup rotation example

Hi to all!

First of all compliments to Comodo, I think it is great sw, and above all it’s free :-). The only thing that I can complain on is solution for backup rotation, it is a bit complicated scheduling it with macros and revisions, so I would kindly ask you to give a simple example of backup rotation for following:

  • full every sunday
  • incremental every working day
  • rotation, save last 2 full backups, older overwrite (so I will have at last 2 weeks of backups, 14 snapshots)

Please specify exact macro which I need to use.
For example I need something like this, just with macros, I believe it could be done with version 4.1, right ?


Hi, anyone ?
Any hint or help would be much appreciated…

Tnx and BR

Sorry, but there isn’t an easier solution yet.
The only option is to use these scheme:
We’ll consider simplifing it in a future release.


Thank you for the response. I configured like in example from your post.
That would be very helpful feature in the future :slight_smile:


Just to add P.S.
Also it would be very useful to be able to schedule for example first Sunday in the month…

Thank you for the suggestions.
We’ll take them into consideration for next major version.