Backup Questions

Okay I am getting a little pissed seeing that NO ONE seems to know what the hell a backup program is. I have downloaded and installed 3 so far including yours and it seems that I will have to buy a commercial program becuase NO ONE seems to understand the fundamentalist of a backup.

I DO NOT WANT TO COPY EVERY DAMN FILE I AM TRYING TO BACKUP TO ANOTHER FOLDER!! I DON’T NEED A PROGRAM TO DO THAT. I want the backup program to create ONE backup file with all the backed up files inside that ONE FILE!

Is this the way your program works?

Hi flacracker


If you use compression when you backup using Comodo Backup you will get one compressed file that includes all your backed up files.


5/2/2009 at 9:21:13 PM | Backup Cant compress Files more than 2GB. BackUp Terminating…

Sorry flacracker, that is a limitation at the moment. Hoping that it will be changed soon.