Backup Process failed with error code 29

I have recently installed Comodo correctly on Windows 7 64 bit.
Im’ trying to backup files to a network drive, but after a while the backup process failed with code 29.
I can successfully backup up a single file, but a complete directory fails twice at the same way.
Network drive is Iomega Home Media. I’m using Avast! antivirus, Windows firewall switched on.
Any clues?

I have stopped using Comodo, and removed the program from my system.
Looking at the long list of problems in this forum, I don’t think it’s a mature product.
I couldn’t find an explanation of error codes in the manual, neither have I received a reply on my request.
I cannot even make a backup, but apart from that: it just doesn’t feel comfortable.
And after I learned there isn’t even the possibility to do an incremental backup, I gave up.
All the best,
Erik Philippus

I’m in a similar situation as you with Win 7 64bit and trying to backup to an Iomega network drive and getting error code 29. Have you found any solutions or even any other good backup programs that work with setup.

Over the last month I’ve gone through an Iomega Home Media Drive and now a Seagate NAS 220. I had some trouble backing up to the Iomega, but it died three days after I got it, so it went back. I then bought a Seagate NAS 220. I would often get 29 error code with it, especially if I tried to back up my laptop over a wireless link.

I’m running Win 7 64-bit on one desktop and on the laptop. Using XP SP332-bit on the other desktop. All on a Gigabit Ethernet/Wireless network through a Netgear WNDR3700 router.

If I remember correctly, the 29 error code has something to do not being able to find the backup drive or writing to the file. The Seagate had a bad habit of dropping its connection to the network and often wouldn’t stay connected long enough to complete a backup. The Iomega would often drop the backup link if I accessed it for anything else. I kept my email files on it so it was often accessed by the other computers in the house. I also found that with either of the two drives above I couldn’t have two simultaneous backups going or they would bomb with a code 29.

Right now, I’m back to using my old SimpleTech 400GB NAS that runs at 100Mbps and it works great with Comodo BU. I can even backup two systems at the same time and still access my email files. And, the transfer rate on the old 100Mbps SimpleTech is as fast, or in most cases faster than anything I could achieve with the Iomega or Seagate, both of which were supposedly had 1GBps capabilities. The Seagate NAS 220 also was sent back because I couldn’t depend on it to work independently. With my desktop computers I could usually get the Comodo to make a good backup if I clicked the Retry button.

I don’t know how long Comodo BU waits before timing out and I don’t know if the problem was a Comodo time out or my network and network connections sending the time out after some period of time.