Backup process failed with code 67

Hi, We have the same problem here on multiples of our servers. Any Ideas?

Please find attached a debug file from one of the servers.

Many thanks

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We found the cause for code 67 for disks partitions and MBR, but the only workaround is to backup as files & folders.
This issue will be fixed in the next release.



I am also having this problem. Has anyone made any progress on resolving it yet? I have the latest version installed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but no success.

On a backup, it successfully gathers information and starts to process the first item and promptly fails with Code 67.

It makes no difference whether I try backing up partitions or just files and folders.

Consequently I cannot backup and am therefore vulnerable. If its not resolvable, is there another product I can try? I am not worried about paying for one as long as it is reliable!


Can you please post the log or a screen-shot of this issue when you try to backup as files and folders.



Sorry… I’ve switched to GFI Backup. No problems there!

I will check out Comodo again in a few months to see if the problem is resolved.

Sorry - I just can’t risk backup software not being 100% reliable


Is there any chance on solving this issue? Just installed on a fresh Windows 7 x64, love the user interface, I think it stands out way above the competition. But thats about it, absolutely nothing works. Any backup attempt ends with error 67, some actions like “System backup” go with “error initializing backup”.
Tried reinstall, tried files backup, nothing helped.


What error do you get when you try files & directories backup?


Hi, this one gets stuck on “Calculating time remaining…”. I aborted it after about 5 hours of calculating. Maybe there’s something wrong with my machine, I dunno. However, I just bought another backup product and it seems to work fine, though it’s not so friendly as Comodo looks.

Dunno if it helps. Same deal on my Win 7 64 bit machine, but the drive I try to back up is dynamic. Maybe that’s the reason why but it’s frustrating not to have any other indication than the cryptic error 67.

On the flipside, I installed it on a Windows Server 2008 with a RAID and full disk backup worked like a charm. Go figure.

Thanks, could be the case. I am also using dynamic drives.

Dear Comodo

Has this "backup failed with code 67 (file not found) issue been fixed? I am encountering the same problem which many have and through reading the messages seems not fixed for a long while… I am using file and folder backup - full backup.

My system info:

Win7 32 bit
Comodo backup v 4.4.1
Anti virus: Avira v14.0.7

Note: I have not removed any subdirectories after I setup the Comodo backup profile.