Backup only new file, not for modified files

For my workflow I need backup only new file from source, not modified files.
I use Comodo for Backup my files to local ssd disk from Ftp machine.
After received new file from ftp to my ssd, i modify some files on the ssd.
After backup routine started, comodo and any another software, restore original file from ftp disk to my ssd, overwrite it.
I need that software routine make a backup from ftp machine only NEW file found on it. Not overwrite files that I have modified on my ssd.

Can anyone help me ?



What backup format are you using? Simple copy or cbu?



Simple copy of course.
Comodo do a backup from ftp disk to my local ssd.
Here the files are open,modified and saved.
After start new backup routine (every one hour) of comodo from ftp disk, files modified on the local ssd are overwritten and restored with original version (due to different date attribute found on the ssd ?).
And modified flying away… :slight_smile:

Thank you.

So, you are backing up from ftp (source - backup step 1) to local ssd (destination - backup step 2).
Comodo Backup doesn’t support backing up from ftp (backup step 1) unless the ftp server is mounted as a local drive.
The expected functionality for simple copy is that when a file is changed on source (size, date last modified or attributes) the change is propagated on destination when backup runs next time.

Comodo Backup is not designed to work like this. cbu backup format might be a better option because it keeps all versions of files in the snapshots it creates.