Backup of Open files ?

Hi !

I just want to know if Comodo Backup can backup open files.

I want to you it on my little server and some files are open.

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At the moment, Comodo Backup doesn’t have the facility to backup open files. This is common to a lot of backup applications, as the ability to backup open file generally requires an additional piece of software to “mirror” the open file (e.g. Vertias Open File Agent for NTFS/Novell/Sun/Linux etc.).

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Backing up open files is best accomplished using a Volume Shadow Copy, by using Volume Shadow Services (VSS) from Microsoft.

You can get the free VSS SDK from the Microsoft website which has only a few files in it - one of which (from memory) is vshadow.exe.

Running that program with something like “vshadow C: S:” will take your C: drive and make a Volume Shadow Copy of it called S:. Now backing up the S: drive will capture all files on C: regardless of whether or not they are open.

I hope this helps.


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