Backup non-Windows partitions?


I recently tried Comodo Backup, which looks very powerful, but: I found that only those partitions can be backed up with it, which are used by Windows. I’d like to back up other partitions too.

  • I have dual boot with linux. I’m not a Linux-guru, so it would be much easier to back up (and restore) the linux filesystem from windows (when it is not in use).

  • I have a laptop, and it has a hidden partition, where files are stored to restore Windows to the factory state. I’d like to make a backup of this.

This way, in case of emergency (a hard drive failure for example), it was easy to restore everything:
I also use Windows 7’s built in image backup, which can very easily restore windows to a blank hard disk - Then, I could restore everything else from windows, with Comodo.

The problem is: When I select such “non-windows” partitions to backup, I always get error code 5.
Strangely, if I select the whole disk to back up, it works fine. (But this backs up my data partition too, which is very big, so this is not a good solution.)

I tried version 4 BETA3, but it has the same problem.
Is there any way to get rid of this error?
(I need a raw backup of those partitions.)

Thanks in advance!

We are looking into it.

Thank you for the feedback.