Backup network security policies & settings?

Last time I updated comodo v3, it restarted the computer and then it told me I am using old settings and if I want to use the newer ones.

I was ■■■■■■■ right when I clicked yes… all my rules for every application were gone. I have to redo everything, and that will take a long time, lots of software I dun even remember the rules I set for them. p2p and gaming servers will especially take longer to complete.

is there a way to back up the rules so if I ■■■■■ up again I can just reload the rules?

Very easy its right in front of you. Click on Miscellaneos. Then click on Manage My Configurations. Then click on Export and save it to what ever name you choose. Presto.

didn’t work on me last time I tried it

you think I didn’t save that thing? it didn’t work…

it should work then save is as " Comodo Back up" in My Documents. Works for me.

yep same here. one of the reasons i accepted this update (running is that the release notes claimed that backing up saved settings is “fixed”, which it did not work in .304.

fortunately i use FDISR, so it was merely a function of backing up .295 to an archieve, upgrading to and trying it both ways (keeping my old config and then using the new ‘format’ and attempting to update my previous settings to that). importing previously saved settings absolutely does not work. staying with the old format does work in keeping previous settings and even importing previously saved settings, but the question is, is that a real update? in other words if i update to and choose to continue to use my old format, do i benefit from the other fixes and tweeks, or am i in effect still using

hopefully someone can provide a quick answer as i have reverted back to my .295 snapshot, but would like to re-do the upgrade, and keep the previous format and settings.


^ so what did you do to make it work?

tell me your backing up method. what is FDISR?