Backup MS Outlook PST file

I am trying to backup a MS Outlook PST file while it is locked by Outlook. The logs reflect that file cannot be accessed. Has anyone been able to use COMODO backup to backup PST files?

I’m not real familiar with the Comodo product. However, I do know the only way you will be able to backup that file in Windows while it is still mounted in Outlook is through VSS (Volume Shadow Copy). The question is whether or not Comodo uses or can utilize the API calls for VSS. If it can then yes and if it can’t then most likely no.

Yes comodo backup does use Volume shadow copy, in backup step 3 look in the backup method.

pst files always show 0kb, so nothing gets backed up. The vss option is the default one, so I thought I didn’t have to specify that I wanted to use Volume Shadow Copy for locked files.

Have you tried CBU 4.1BETA2 (;msg593457#msg593457)?

I had this issue (0KB backups with Outlook) and this is fixed in CBU 4.1B2.

N.B. It is a BETA so tread carefully. I haven’t had an issue but that doesn’t mean you won’t.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:


I have the same problem which amalberty facing , pst files and open files, i checked the vss is ok.even tried with the said version and the latest version as well but same problem, can not . either 0 kb , or fails with different method, but same problem.
plz help i planned to use comodo as part of my backup solution .

awaiting a reply.

thanks, shahab