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Has anyone else had the problem that I have with Comodo Backup v and if so how did you fix it. I like the backup - it is the best that I have used yet. However after a couple of days of running using the scheduler I check my backups and they are not being done. I go to the “edit backup” and find that all of my settings have been deleted. This is very troublesome as I am counting on my backups being done and they are not. It puzzles me as to what would be deleting my settings and what I can do to make them stay for more than two or three days. Any thoughts or help would be great.

It has just happened to me again, it was at my last post that I again set my settings and now that I check they are gone. What is missing is not my destination folder this time as it was last time, but it is my source settings are all missing and therefore my backups are not being done. I would sure appreciate anyone that knows anything about Comodo Backup to respond.

Hello again to the 200+ people that have read this thread.
I think I have found the solution to losing my settings in Comodo Backup.
It occured this last time right after I did a registry clean with RegSeeker (which I think is the best cleaner that I have used so far and would recommend it highly). Therefore I concluded that was where my settings were going. I put all of Comodo Backup registry keys in the RegSeeker ‘exclusion list’ and that seems to have solved my problem.
If anyone else has experienced this I hope I have been some help to you.

Aha! Good to know, John.

I haven’t been able to successfully use Backup so far, and haven’t had the chance to try to dig into it. Thus, I just keep using <Gasp!> <aargh!> the Windows utility for day-to-day backups onto external media.


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I have been looking for a backup that suits me for years. It seems that there is something wrong with them all. Comodo has proven to be the best so far. The scheduling works fine. I backup to another computer through my LAN (CFP lets me). I also backup to a usb pen drive (4Gb). You can backup to CD or DVD. These all work just fine and the backup is running a service which I like. I don’t need it running in the my tray all the time for the scheduled backups to run. I just wish that Comodo would get a programmer to do a bit of refining to make it even better. Things like the dates (Macros) on the backups don’t work properly; the launchpad needs to be removed; an easier way to choose folders and files. Things like that. Or even make it so that it can do an image backup. (that I would like)
Otherwise it works great. If you have some time play around with it and I think you will find it OK.


John, I know a lot of people are using it and love it; one of these days I’ll get the chance to play with it more.

Pretty much all Comodo’s resources are going towards the firewall & AV right now; they’re not putting a lot of effort into their other products at the moment, unfortunately.

You can get rid of Launch Pad, it’s really easy to do.

  1. Go to Start/Run, type “msconfig”; go to the Startup tab, find the entry for CLPtray (there may be another “CLP…” entry as well), and uncheck it (or them). Apply, close, reboot. Now it’s not running.
  2. Navigate to c:\program files\comodo\launchpad; delete the whole launchpad folder. Reboot. Now it’s gone.
  3. You might still have a desktop icon; you can delete that as well.
  4. Clean the registry; either manually with Windows’ regedit, or with a free utility like ccleaner or RegSeeker.


PS: the image backup idea is already in the wishlist.

There will be an update to the backup app, hopefully in late April.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Launch Pad info LM.
Thanks for the good news (hopeful) of a backup update coming soon Ewen :slight_smile:
I think this program has a lot of great potential and even now once people find it I think they will really appreciate it.