Backup in synchronization mode

Concerning Comodo Backup software. If I’m using real-time synchronization mode and I’m backing up to an external hard drive does the drive have to be
plugged into the computer all the time or will the backup program save the updated files to be synchronized when I plug in the hard drive at another time?
The other question is: if while in synchronization mode I remove a file from the source folder will that file be deleted from the destination folder?

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  1. If Using Real-Time Sync I Would Assume You would have to have the External Hard Drive In All The Time Unless Minor Error May Occur

  2. I would assume that the file will be removed as well

I’ll await more Mod For There Input


Hi kevinonearth

Sync does not save the backup, you need to be connected to the drive for it to backup.

You may want to check here for more info on your second question.


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I am also experimenting with the synchronization mode. The docs say it should do theinitial sync as soon as you save the job and then at the intervals set in the job. It has not done the initial sync yet and it has been an hour or so.
I also set this to run as a service, but I am thinking that I would still have to stay logged into the PC, XP Pro by the way, or it won’t execute. Is that a correct assumption?

Unfortunately the docs don’t give much info on the Sync mode of operation.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.


Hi robj

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If you have “service state: running” on the main User interface and “active backup” checked on your backup job then it should do the initial sync immediately as the job is saved. If it still does not work what happens when you test it in simple copy mode and test backup? You should not have to be logged in for the service to activate the job unless the task scheduler in windows is disabled or set for admin only.

Let us know what happens


I installed comodo backup today for the first time. I used the version from the download

I created a sync job from my local pc to a network server. I set the backup to active and selected “service backup”. I see the icon in the task bar and the service has started successfully however, none of the files sync from the source to the destination. I changed the job type to simple to test and it was successful.

I have rebooted. I’m running windows XP pro SP2 on a intel platform. The server is also an xp box (yes it is on).

Any thoughts?

Thank you

I setup the same config above at my office with an XP pro source and Windows Server 2003 destination and it doesn’t work either.

Any thoughts?


Hi symtech

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Sync does not seem to work for everyone. Check out this thread and let us know if you get it working.


jjasper, I can get the job to run as a simple backup including running as a service and not being logged in, but as a synchronize job it never runs. I am trying to sync from a network directory to the local PC. Does sync only work if it is from local to remote, not the other way around?
Perhaps that is the problem.
Any other suggestions owuld be most appreciated.

Hi robj

To be honest with you rob, I have not tested that out. I will do that when I get a chance but my network is not up at this time.

If anyone else with a network and Backup could test that out it would be appreciated.


Now we are gaining on it. As i was reading the posts I thought of thepossibility that since the desired source files are remote it might not pick up the remote file changes. Adn that is a server 2003 box so trying it on from that location owuld bring up more issues I am sure.
Since the “simple copy” mode works I might have to go that way. I just wish there was an option to backup daily every so many hours . I will have to setup 24 backups for every hour of the day, 7 days a week I suppose.
If anyone is sucessful with sync from network to local please let us know.

An interesting development in this case.

Although I don’t remember doing anything different other than changing the sync job to a simple copy and executing it, when I changed it back to sync it is indeed working with the network drive as the source and a local directory as the desitnation for the sync job. Both Backup Type’s were system backup and they get executed while logged off the machine, as they should.

I am going to setuop a second sync job and see if it works. I will post the results next week.

Hi rob

My guess here is that the destination needed the copy before it could do the sync. If that is the case that should possibly be in the help files.


Unfortunatly it stopped working again and I still can not figure out why it startedworking in the first place. I thought it needed “everyone” with read permissions, but that doesn’t appear to be it either.

So for now, it has stopped working as of about 1 pm my time onFriday and I can’t get it to start again. I can look at the files in the source folder with the “Show Files” button, but nothing syncs.

Back to the drawing board I guess.

Hello Everyone,
I’m chiming in again and confirming what robj mentioned

I modified the sync destination from a UNC path to a local drive. This worked. I reverted back to the unc path and it fails to sync.