Backup If Lost

Is there backup feature in CMS if the cell is lost?

No. You’re supposed to backup while you have it.

Use TB for installed apps, Nandroid for a complete system backup

Can you help me which free & paid mobile security have this feature?

CMS has a backup feature. It will backup your apps, and your data.
Since I keep my apps backed up with Titanium Backup (requires root), I have not tested this feature.
As far as Nandroid backup, this is an option in your Recovery (Volume Up+Home+Power when you start your phone).
But if you’re looking for an option to remote backup a lost phone, you should be more concerned with recovering your phone (and ensuring sensitive data does not get out) than doing a backup at that time.

Wouldn’t it be good to recover your data & then wipe if the phone couldn’t be found or recover the data & wipe & keep trying to find the phone?

I am looking this feature for my cousin cell. He keeps loads of important images & files. Though he keeps backing up but this feature would still be helpful.

If no free versions provide this feature, I would like to get paid product, any paid products specially all in one i.e antivirus & antitheft?

Any plan CMS is going to add this feature in subsequent versions?

Any CMS plan for web console?

The only solution is to backup your Data to the cloud, which cloud is your choice (Comodo, Dropbox, etc) .
Many, if not all backup software (or apps),will send backups to the cloud.
Then, if the phone is lost, you can remote wipe the phone so that nobody else gets your important data.
There is no remote backup feature out there. When your phone is lost, creating a backup is moot, protecting your data is not.

Here’s some interesting information for you.
If you have a Samsung phone, and you set up a Samsung account with it when you set the phone up (or after), it activates a feature called Dive (Samsung Dive).
Go to the Samsung Dive website, log in, and from there, you can :

lock your phone with a pin number,

Start your phone ringing to locate by sound,

display a message on the locked screen, (eg “hold onto this phone, I will call you soon”)

Give it 1 phone number allowed to be called from the locked screen, (so they can call you)

Locate your phone (it will turn GPS on for exact position, or use the nearest cell tower to give you the area of your phone),

Track the movement of your phone every 15 minutes for 12 hours,

And wipe your phone of all data (use with caution as it will disable all location, tracking, and remote control capability).

The link to read up on it:

Thanxx for all the info.