Backup hangs at 2%

I’m trying to perform a backup of +500 Giga files of photos which are in NEF format. Alas it always hangs at 2%. Nothing happens after that, it just stays at 2%. Even after twelve hours it stays at 2%. Anyone had that problem?

what type of backup were you performing? and where was the destination?

Windows 7. latest version of CB.

First full backup. Backup was to be written on a different harddrive (same model samsung 1T)

does it stop on a particular file? have you tried comodo backup 4.1 beta to see if that solves the issue?

It did stop at a particular file and also it estimated the time for backup at more than three hours.

Using the beta and no problem and backup done in five minutes ;D They must be doing something right.

Pretty nice compression also. Happy puppy.

glad to hear your problem is fixed

yes the comodo backup team has been really working ■■■■■■■ bug fixes with 4.1 and it really shows. if you have any problems with the beta please report them