backup genie in the safe list but defend+ pops up

in the guide , there is that the files added to the safe list are deal with like trusted application

well i run backup genie , in the safe list

and it backup registry and files
defend+ pops up several time to ask me how treat it ?
i have to select it tursted application

but why defend + pops up , i added backup genie like other software in the safe list …


I don’t even use a safe list. No reason to. You have a question every day. Its funny. Why do you need a safe list?

well in the manual there is that the safe list is used to avoid pop up , and to let comodo handle such list like trusty application but pop up for dangerous action

I have over 250 programs listed in the firewall and D+ on both my pc’s. No pop ups. I actually manually added most of them to avoid pop ups.

well the point is the safe list ,if it’s correct the manual , doesn’t work like described