Backup from WIndows XP PRO and restoring in WIndows 7 PRO

Using Comodo Backup v2.2.127000.12 installed on a Windows XP Pro 32 Bits.

Did a user Settings backup and tried to restore it to a new Windows 7 Pro 32 bits machine and the following message appeared :

Your current window is different from the one saved in the backup file!
Recover process failed with code 96!

Now, I was using “User Settings” so I wouldn’t lose Office 2003 Outlook settings but now it seems that the backup is useless.

What can be done ? so I do not lose the Office & other apps settings ?



The structure of Windows XP and Windows 7 are completely different, therefore a user settings backup of one will not restore to another one. What i do when backing up users outlook profiles is first backing up the outlook local data folder (C:\Documents and Settings*usersfolder*\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook) and then if they want custom menu settings and such saved i also target that folder (C:\Documents and Settings*usersfolder*\Application Data or AppData\Microsoft\Outlook)

the file that will keep your settings is called “Outcmd.dat”

Hope this helps you for future can also use mail accounts backup to save your data in a .CBU format but i prefer the raw data myself

i guess the question at this point is whether we are working with 2 different machines or if the windows xp machine was upgraded to windows 7