Backup for New Comp

Sorry for posting here but have not mastered the ticket bit
As an Old Age Pensioner still using an old Vista computer (Still as fast as any Win 8 comp I have seen thanks to some tweaking !!) I want to ask if it is possible when I get new laptop if it is possible to restore my photos docs etc with my USB Comodo backups. I am thinking about Raw reads, NTFS attributes etc.
All the above are backed up in the cloud and on DVD’s but the fastest way would be with Comodo USB backup.
Hope this not a silly question as my gut feeling is that this is not possible, still I would like to be sure.
Ta in advance !!!

Would have thought this was important for a lot of people changing comp’s !!!
Perhaps answer is null or difficult ???


Re. NTFS attributes, I don’t believe that these are included in the file backups as a lot of them are “source volume” specific (e.g. $INDEX_ALLOCATION, $OBJECT_ID, $REPARSE_POINT, $SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR, $VOLUME_INFORMATION, $VOLUME_NAME).

What do you mean by “raw reads”?

Ewen :slight_smile:

My question was really about “Raw Reads”…Did possiby imagine that they were non specific to any comp. and that therefore they might possibly be transferred to another comp. If this does not make any sense then ta much and I will make other arrangements to transfer all my data. Regards.