Backup files disappear

After I do a backup I can see the backup file with the .cbu extension. However, the next day or so the files disappear. For example yesterday I made two backups to a folder on my C: drive. Today I check, and the files have disappeared. I’ve now kept an eye on it for the last few days and it happened each time, not just a random fluke. Any ideas what causes this? No virus has been picked up by by the virus scanner and it is strange that it only happens to the Comodo Backups and no other file on the computer.


What other programs do you have installed?
Maybe you have some cleaner programs that constantly cleans your C: drive or some synchronization tool?
Do you have the same problem if you store the backups elsewhere, on D: drive, for example?


The only scenario this can happen is that a new backup is performed (could be an automatic schedule) which overwrites the existing backup file and if the new backup ends in error, the backup file is deleted.
The only way to be sure is to enable logging to file (choose append mode) and to take a look at history events.