Backup file split into two - any way to merge?

Hi there,

I was creating an system image using Comodo Backup when my external hard drive ran out of space so I was prompted to choose another destination. I deleted some files from the hard drive and re-selected it as the destination and presumed it would continue adding to the current backup file, but instead it created a second backup file… So now I have SystemImage.cbu and SystemImage_2.cbu.

As a result when I try to restore from these files I am unable to select both of them, and when I only select SystemImage.cbu I’m told (after it tells me I have to schedule a restore at boot) that chunks are missing (Error 64), as obviously they are in the SystemImage_2.cbu file.

Is there any way to fix this?!



Are you using 2.2 version of Comodo BackUp?
Error 64 means that a file is in use, so usually a restart is needed to continue the restore operation.
Does error 64 occur when restoring at boot time?


Version 2.2, yes. I get another error when restoring at boot time, but I couldn’t tell you what it was exactly… I’ll investigate tomorrow. Either way, restoring at boot time doesn’t work.